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We offer a large array of fine chocolates, bulk chocolates, chocolate bars mints, nuts, pretzels, fortune cookies, iced cookies and nostalgic candies from the finest purveyors.
Whatever the occasion or event….there is always an excuse to add a little BEDAZZLE! Bedazzle My BonBons is the hottest edible glitter chocolate of the season. Bedazzle My BonBons, you eat this entire ball...GLITTER and all! These custom bonbons are round balls (though they also make lollipops!) that are covered in sparkly coloured glitter- so you eat it the entire chocolate ball, glitter and all! Who doesn’t like a little sparkle on their wedding day? Great for any occasion! There are 24 fabulous colours and 6 different flavors to please even those discerning palettes.
Offers their famous Boca Bons® which is a decadent combination of truffle, fudge and brown all rolled into one with packaging that is truly a feast for the eyes! They also have Cookies with CharacterTM which are Chocolate Covered Oreo® Creations, Fancy Chocolate Covered
Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate is the nation's leader in precision-engraved chocolate for business and special event use. Their exclusive custom molds and creative packaging options will make a
one-of-a-kind business gift, promotional item, or personal design. Make a Sweet
Impression!  Products are OU-D certified Kosher Dairy.
Creaive Cookie EtcTM

Themed & Custom Fortune Cookies Pails, Celebration Cakes, Gourmet Chocolates, fabulous fudget and dip mixes!  Certified Kosher Party & Kosher Dairy products available.
Lady Fortunes®

Lady Fortunes® Gourmet Cookies and Gifts are a fun and unique way to express yourself! Offering gigantic gourmet Fortune Cookies with personalized 1-ft-long fortune inside, makes
them the Nation's Premier Giant Fortune Cookie Company. They have a dazzling line
of delicious custom cookies, confections, fortune cookies favors, gourmet apples, krispie treats and picture cookies. Perfect for incomparable gourmet gifts!  
                                                               Products are made with Kosher-certified ingredients, and pending Kosher certification.

Lindt Chocolate favors and gifts make any event memorable -- your wedding day, birthday party, anniversary celebration, shower, corporate event, or holiday party. Since 1845, their  Swiss Master Chocolatiers have put passion and meticulous craftsmanship into creating premium chocolates. Synonymous with excellence Lindt chocolates always make a
memorable gift.  Customized ribbon program allows you to select your color, message
                                                               or sentiment for a lasting impression of your special celebration.
Old Time Candy

Candy you ate as a kid® offering a variety of nostalgic candy to please your palette and memories. Necco Wafers, Candy Buttons, Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes, Bonomo's Turkish
Taffy to name just a few of the many candies available from Old Time Candy.
So Sweet It Is! and Boca Trash

Chocolate party favors for birthday's, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary, communion/confirmation, baby showers. Also, featuring their famouse creation BOCA TRASH which is chock full of lots of little pieces of your very favorite treats, all mixed together with true "Boca Raton" love to give you a sweet (but not too sweet),
salty (but not too salty), chewy (but not too chewy), crunchy (but not too crunchy), bite
                                                               size confection.  One bite and you'll be hooked...
The Mintbox

Make your special events more memorable with a Personalized Mint Tin, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Discs, Par-Tea Bags, eco-friendly environmentally friendly Wildflower Seed Bags,
Candy Pillow Pack Party Favors, and Favor Savors. Not Just A Mint, A Memory!®  Many of
these products are Star-K and Star D Kosher.
Torn Ranch®

Torn Ranch produces an astonishingly wide range of irresistible gourmet foods known for
 their premium quality and flexible, high-end presentations. Tuffles, Chocolates, Favor
 Collections, Fruit and Nuts, Cookies, Tea and Mashuga Nuts® and more!
Tumbador Chocolates®

All-natural and handcrafted from the finest ingredients in the world, these chocolates feature exotic fruits, spices, fresh herbs and regional flavors. Tell us about the flavor profile and
package design you envision for your company or social event and we will create your          
customized original chocolates. The OK symbol assures you that all Tumbador® Chocolate
is certified Kosher OK. The Tumbador® Pareve Collection containes neither dairy nor any
                                                               dairy/meat derivatives and is produced with equipment used exclusively for
                                                               non-dairy chocolate in the Pareve Room of their Brooklyn factory.  Products are certified
                                                               OK Kosher Dairy and Kosher Pareve.
Please inquire.